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Top Dog Parent Gift: Custom Embroidery

Celebrate your furry friend with a personalized masterpiece from Ugly Stitches—an exquisite custom hand-embroidered mixed media dog portrait that captures the essence of your beloved pup.

We highly recommend Ugly Stitches' custom dog portraits for their meticulous craftsmanship, blending embroidery and mixed media art to create a truly unique and heartfelt tribute to your canine companion.

Check it out here (starting at $22): Custom Hand-Embroidered Mixed Media Dog Portrait on Etsy


  • Each portrait is carefully crafted by hand, showcasing intricate details that capture the personality and charm of your dog.

  • Personalize your artwork with options for design, background color, and additional accessories.

  • Ugly Stitches' custom dog portraits make for a thoughtful and meaningful gift for dog lovers and owners alike.

  • The combination of embroidery and mixed media art results in visually striking and one-of-a-kind representations.

  • Honor your canine companion's memory or celebrate their presence with a beautifully crafted artwork that immortalizes their spirit.


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